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Quality Management

BIOTON S.A. has subscribed to a policy of manufacturing effective and safe medicinal products and high-quality biological active substances for many years.

 The Company introduces innovative production technologies in conformance with a documented quality system to ensure that all products are manufactured in an environment which meets Good Manufacturing Practice standards as is evidenced by its regularly updated GMP certificates.

Product quality and the safety and special needs of Patients play a key role in BIOTON S.A.'s quality policy. For this reason, a highly specialised team of experts has been assembled. Product quality is ensured at every stage of the production process – from development, through production and storage, to distribution. By continuously monitoring and improving quality, BIOTON S.A. is able to maintain a Quality System which meets the most rigorous standards.

All members of the BIOTON Group consistently apply BIOTON S.A.'s quality assurance and control standards in their production processes.


  Quality validation for Gensulin N 100 IU ML products

  Quality validation for Gensulin R 100 IU ML products

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