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Research and development

The BIOTON Group is oriented towards innovation and development and actively seeks out new opportunities by promoting research and development projects. BIOTON Group’s extensive experience, its highly qualified team of specialists and its long-term investment strategy, enable the company to move into new areas of activity which offer the greatest long-term growth potential and which best contribute to protecting Patients' health and improving their quality of life.

The Institute of Biotechnology and Antibiotics (IBA) has been BIOTON S.A.'s main research division ever since the Company commenced operations. IBA is Poland’s leading research institute and employs highly qualified and experienced specialists. IBA has been researching drug production by chemical synthesis and biosynthesis using genetically modified organisms for over 50 years. BIOTON and IBA conduct research in biotechnological products and new forms of pharmaceutical products and carry out research programs in the following areas:

  • Genetic engineering: these programs focus on the search for new plasmids in wild-type bacterial strains, plasmid isolation, creation of sequence regions for gene cloning and building new expression vectors based on the isolated plasmids. The aim is to develop a methodology for creating effective, stable, genetically modified microorganisms which can be used in the industrial production of therapeutic protein substances.
  • Biotechnology: this program investigates the isolation and modification of biological proteins so as to select the optimal methodology for processing recombinant proteins.
  • Pharmacology: research is conducted into the resistance mechanisms of bacterial strains to therapeutic antibiotics, analyses of synthesis methods and the properties of new derivatives of anthracycline antibiotics, and the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of medicinal substances for the purpose of developing new medicinal products and new research methods to assess them


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