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Sales targets and global expansion

BIOTON S.A. sells finished goods, commodities and services through BIOTON TRADE Sp. o.o., a pharmaceutical wholesale company incorporated in 1998. Subsequent distribution takes place through other pharmaceutical wholesalers and pharmacies.

Distribution in Poland
The Company’s internal and external sales forces are responsible for marketing and distribution within Poland. BIOTON S.A.'s sales and marketing departments primarily aim to boost sales and ensure efficient and effective distribution so that BIOTON products are readily available everywhere in Poland. BIOTON has long enjoyed a leading position in most segments of the pharmaceutical market in which it operates thanks to the efficient organisation of its sales force.

Foreign distribution
In line with its global expansion strategy, BIOTON S.A. registers its products in various countries around the world. Products are sold on foreign markets under co-operation agreements and sales agreements concluded with foreign and domestic partners. Members of the BIOTON Group pursue innovative projects whose performance and commercialisation supports common development.

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